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Movements Of the Soul was initially developed in New York City in Naked Angel’s Tuesday’s  @9.  It had a staged reading at HERE Arts Center and an extensive talk back with the Deaf audience after which Broadway producer Jeffrey Ash came on board.  Then, with assistance from New York Theatre Workshop, Lexington School For the Deaf, Shakespeare & Co., Berkshire Playwright’s Lab, and LaGuardia College ASL-English Program,  it received an extensive workshop in midtown Manhattan.  The cast included Alexandria Wailes (BIG RIVER, SPRING AWAKENING), Frank Dattolo (National Theatre For the Deaf), Jordan Lage (MADAM SECRETARY, BOARDWALK EMPIRE), Anatol Yusef (BOARDWALK EMPIRE, Royal Shakespeare Company), Candace Brecker (National Theatre For the Deaf, Kennedy Center) and it was directed by Joe Cacaci.  The play garnered grants from the Kingsberg Foundation, the Weiner Philanthropy Fund, and the Jewish fund and with those funds went on to an Off Broadway workshop at Baruch Performing Arts Center’s Rose Nagelberg Theatre in Manhattan. 

The play has benefited from generous assistance from:

Berkshire Playwrights Lab, LCC ASL & English Interpreters Program, Lexington School for the Deaf, Naked Angels Tuesdays@9, New York Theatre Workshop, Shakespeare & Co., Toni Anglin, Chris Baker, Lori Bashour, Sherman Beattie, Tom Bloom, Stephanie Cannon, Linda Chapman, John Collins, Joe Danisi, Frank Dattolo, Jack Doulin, Stephanie Feyne, Jenn Haltman, Rob Hills, Bob Jaffe, The Kingsberg Foundation, Dan Lauria, Ben Li, Govanne Loebaugher,  Bill Moody, Geoffrey Nauffts, David Platt, Roger Robinson, Allan Rothstein (our photographer) Rachel Silverman, Gary Wait, curator at Museum of American School for the Deaf, Robert Weiner, John Whalan of Black Ice Entertainment, Alexandria Wailes, Phlip Wilson, and so many more, the list continues to grow.






“This play could win a Pulitzer Prize as well as a Tony. One of the few plays I’ve been involved with that would be accepted by critics and the general audience as well.“

—Dan Lauria

Lombardi in Broadway’s Lombardi

Dad on The Wonder Years

Investor in MOS

“I truly enjoyed your play and found the premise fascinating.  A complicated effort, well done.” 

—David Platt

Co-Exec producer Law & Order SVU 2008-2010

Investor in MOS

“I found Movements of the Soul to be a truly powerful and beautiful play. By reexamining our conventional concepts of language, it questions how we assume our connections to one another and our higher selves. I believe the play will challenge and inspire people.”

—Ariane Brandt

Broadway acting coach / writer / director / performer

"You deserve so many accolades. You have done  such amazing work on our play! I am proud to be associated with it.”

—Jeff Ash

Broadway Producer

Co-producer of MOS

    “Congratulations on a stunning achievement with Movements Of The Soul! Beautiful work!”

    —Bob Jaffe

    Co-artistic director of Berkshire Playwright’s Lab